Tuesday, August 31, 2010

---On The Byas---

My feature shirt for PacSun has just hit 250 stores nation wide!  I couldn't be more excited and hope that it's a real HIT.  Check it out at your local PacSun or order one online... It's technically a guy's shirt but I plan on cutting mine up and rockin' it with some stretch pants :)

Get it here :


   For the last month I've been an independent contractor for Trinity Products. Trinity primarily creates graphic art for t-shirts and has several licenses ranging from from Sesame Street to UFC. There I created artwork for "The Toon Studio", a company that owns the rights to original illustrations that several Disney movies are based upon (Cindirella, Pocohauntas etc.). If all goes according to plan these designs should show up in the Gap in the next few months!
   While I was there I also built their Junior girls catalog for the "Magic" tradeshow in Las Vegas and created t-shirt designs for Sesame Street, Warrior & UFC. I met a lot of really talented designers while I was there and learned a lot of new things along the way!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


In June I was asked by Compare Networks to illustrate an animation for the Japanese medical company, Dojindo.  This was a very new experience for me- my first time trying to create an animation.  Here is the first preview of the animation (still a few kinks to be ironed out)...

---Up North---


Ahhh it seems that I've neglected my blog again- sorry friends!  I've been staying busy all summer with lots of work and play...now I finally have a second to breathe and give updates on what has been happening in the last 2 months.
I'll start with the "play" because that's way more fun.  In July, I spend some time with family in Michigan and Iowa...which seemed like the perfect time to reinvent the "home video".  I've been wanting to learn a film editing program for awhile and the time I spent "Up North" was the perfect opportunity.  Here is a little ditty of what I've been up to.  (The first film was created by me and the second one was made by my little sister SPOT :)
To see more of Spots work go to:  www.monicamueller.com