Wednesday, February 8, 2012

---2011 Nut Shell---

For those of you followers that have been checking up on my blog everyday for the last year in disappointment... My apologies- it turns out I'm not a passionate blogger.  So rather than pretending like I'll be better at it this year, I'll just save you all the time and stick to yearly updates.  This way you can have more time for doing the things YOU love- rather than reading about me :) So here is goes: My last year in a nutshell...

In the beginning of 2011, I was still working as a freelance artist for PacSun & Modern Amusement.  I did around 20 freelance designs for them through 2010 & the very beginning of 2011, including t-shirt graphics, board short prints, hang tags & logo development.  A lot of this work is currently in the market now and can be found online as well as in stores nation wide. Along w/ a handful of corporate companies, I also worked for several smaller independent groups on projects ranging from children's book illustration to designing labels for beer bottles .

In the end of January 2011 I started designing full time for Prana, an athletic apparel company.  Prana is an amazing company that specializes in yoga, climbing & active lifestyle apparel.  When I started with the company, I immediately began designing for the Fall 2012 season.  Now I have been working with Prana for over a year, currently just starting to design for Fall 2013. 

Over the course of 6 months, I cover a wide range of projects for each season.  I  start by developing the color palettes, used to keep visual consistency for merchandising clothing colors, printing design cads, screen printing and sublimation.  When the color palette is complete the design team uses it to color up all of the product and I begin working on print development.  I create all of the women’s prints for active and lifestyle tops (some men’s prints too) by building out artwork into seamless repeats and creating several color ways for each print. Following the print development is my favorite part: graphics & placement art.  I’m responsible for coming up with all of the men’s & women’s graphics for the clothing- usually the work we choose is a combination of my art, freelance artists & purchased work from print & design houses.  When the season is complete we have a very expansive, unique collection of clothing & accessories, all brought to life w/ refined color & artwork.  Then to kick off the next season we take a design inspiration trip and do it all over again w/ a new theme & intension!

I’ve been so blessed to have such an incredible job that blends my lifestyle, my passion & work together. It's amazing to work with such down to earth people & it’s exciting to see the company grow so rapidly- we’ve almost doubled size & sales since I arrived!  I can’t wait to see what this new year will bring, as a lot can happen in a year.  Stay tuned till next year…or maybe I’ll get wild and do another update in six months- but don’t hold your breath on it- Get out into the world and breathe in your own PRANA!